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Sporting Life 10K, an empowering experience.

A while ago I began posting about my experience as I trained for my first real run, since highschool anyways. Even though I failed miserably at contributing to that campaign of mine I ended up raising a fair bit of money and running the full 10K. So all-in-all, I’m calling it a win.

The Sporting Life 10K is held in Toronto on Mother’s Day and begins at Yonge and Eglinton, extends down Yonge to Richmond, then heads West to Peter Street, South to Front, and then West to Bathurst before heading South West on Fort York; just to give you an idea. The race is a fundraiser for Camp Oochigeas which sponsors time at summer camp for children misfortuned with cancer, which costs $250.00 CAD a day.

Can you imagine being the parent of one of those children wanting nothing more than to give your child a life, but suffering from financial burden? I can’t. Which is why I raised nearly $400.00 in total, shy of my ambitious $2000.00 goal. My intentions were there but the time and effort needed wasn’t.

While I was training and fundraising I got caught up with work and unfortunately ‘fell off the wagon’. I also got sick with three different problems at once and it set me back even further. I’ve made full recoveries however, so not to worry.

When it came time for the run I felt anxious, nervous and maybe a little scared. I’m a smoker (guilty, but working on it) and have minimal experience with running besides Cross Country in elementary school. My initial thoughts were ultimately failure.

But when the sound went to give us our start I threw my ear buds in and felt a wave of exhileration come over me. I started with a jog and picked up pace as I ran South on Yonge Street enjoying the cool yet sunny morning Mother Nature had bestowed us with; taking in the concrete jungle under construction at its’ most quietest of times.

Before I knew it I had made it, 53 minutes later.

Shocking, right?

That’s what I thought too. Even more so I finished in the top 4,000 out of 20,000 people meaning I was in the top 20 percentile, and truly, I have never felt more accomplished.

I succeeded for not only myself but also at providing a day and a half at Camp Oochigeas for a child with cancer. Safely, an extremely empowering experience.

I think one thing I’ll be doing again is participating in another one of the runs held in Toronto this summer, but also getting back into action for the Sporting Life 10K Run next year.

Join me?


Finding ‘Time’ 

Too many times we hear from friends, family and yes even customers,

I don’t have time to take care of myself the way I wish I could, I just have too much to do.

I mean this statement in and of itself is a load of bogus, and we should side with some who may actually not have the time. Now keep in mind we all have the same 24 hours in our day, so the playing field is quite even across the board. However if we truly want to be able to care for ourselves in the ways we wish, whether that be indulging in our favourite luxuries or just getting on with the basics that keep us at our best, we sometimes need to make the time we seek.

As it goes for most things in life, cue the broken record, nothing is ever just handed to us. At times it may feel like we’ve been dealt a really good hand but that’s probably because we earned it through hard-work and perseverance. It should make sense that the same goes for the concept of seeking time that we can use to care for and pamper ourselves with. We’re going to need to create that space and find that moment on our own terms, so let’s get on with it. 

And if that means we need to start getting up earlier, quit the whining and let’s shake things up because ain’t nobody gonna beat that face for us.

We say that in order to have well cared for hair and skin we need to get morning as well as evening routines, and be consistent with them. Let’s take a look at how we can balance our time in order to do so.

Assuming you shower in the morning everyday like myself that’s your first step, where we cleanse and prep ourselves for what’s to follow.

Personally, an am post-shower routine consists of the following products:

  1. Toner,
  2. Blow-Dry Oil,
  3. Eye Cream,
  4. Serum,
  5. Face Oil,
  6. Moisturizer,
  7. Primer,
  8. Hairspray,
  9. Makeup,

… and I give myself 1 HOUR to get them on and get myself out. While doing so I also make sure my hair is given a blow-dry (daily), to my satisfaction, but I also feed the puppy and prepare my things for the day – while maybe snapping a quick photo and/or video for all you fabulous Instagrammers.

NOTE: I also meditate for 20 minutes every morning, walk the dog and make breakfast so I ensure that I’m up at least 2 1/2 hours prior to any shift. If it’s a training day, tap on an extra 40 minutes for a run. 

Mhm Peter, but how can we replicate this in our own lives?

Multi-tasking not only saves time, but preserves sanity as well.

Here’s an example…

We begin with the shower where all of the face, body and hair are washed, then follow the steps:

  1. Quickly towel-dry the hair,
  2. Pat-dry the skin to throw on some toner,
  3. Apply the blow-dry oil and brush it through the hair,
  4. While that soaks for a moment apply the eye cream of choice,
  5. Follow with the serum,
  6. Proceed to blow-dry the hair until it’s completely dry but don’t throw in styling product or hairspray just yet,
  7. Apply some of the face oil,
  8. Style the hair,
  9. Apply the appropriate moisturizer,
  10. Finish with primer,
  11. Feed the dog while the primer dries,
  12. Complete the full make-up application,
  13. Brush those teeth,
  14. Get those belongings and get on with it.

    In that time we’ve done our hair, performed our skincare routine, applied makeup, fed the dog and got out the door. What we’re doing by following such an intricate schedule is:

    1. Allowing for the continuous use of all of our favourite products,
    2. Producing maximal results with our routines (allowing for a few monents between each product application while we perform another step),
    3. Keeping ourselves happy and satisfied with our newly adapted means of indulging (while not taking away from our scheduled day).

    Now we’re out the door and on our way with smiles to bare, booyah. Job well done. Trust me when I say that it all becomes such a regular routine that we forget what we’re even doing by the time we’re applying the eye cream; CONSISTENCY will forever be our friend. 

    However… we are going to have to cleanse ourselves of the day once it’s over and this may take a little more effort than getting ready in the morning does; depending on what kind of motivation and drive encompasses you as a person.

    We’ve just worked a full-day, it might be late, we may even still need to cook dinner and just don’t feel like washing our face. But, don’t we want to get all that makeup, dirt and sebum out of our pores before letting our skins’ natural renewal process take affect throughout the night? Yes, yes we do.

    Let’s imagine we’ve just eaten dinner, it’s 7 pm, the dog still needs walking and fed; but we still need a few moments to ourselves in order to indulge and peform some personal care.

    The nightly routine may  look something like this,

    1. Cleansing Oil,
    2. Cleanser,
    3. Toner,
    4. Eye Cream,
    5. Serum,
    6. Face Oil,
    7. Moisturizer.

    … not nearly as enduring as the morning, and no haircare to boot. How hard can this be?

    1. Use the cleansing oil to remove makeup from the eyes and face,
    2. Follow instantly with the cleanser of your choice,
    3. Pat-dry the skin and apply toner,
    4. Apply eye cream to all contours of the eye area,
    5. Go ahead with the serum next,
    6. While the serum dries take the dog out for their walk,
    7. Come back in to apply the face oil,
    8. Prepare the dog’s dinner while that dries,
    9. Finish with some moisturizer,

    … the dog is happy, we’re happy and our skin is happy. We can now say goodnight to another phenomenal day and brace ourselves for the one ahead, because life is precious and as I’ve been reiterating, it is what we make of it.

    These examples above are drawn directly from my personal experiences as they always are and I use them to serve as a guideline. We all lead very different lives and that will alter the way in which we take care of ourselves. Some of those conflicts may be:

    • Children,
    • Pets,
    • Work Commute,
    • Long Work Week,
    • Low Energy,
    • Lack of Motivation.

    No one is perfect and we are all so unique, so let’s do the best that we can to make modifications to our daily lives so that not only are we happy and achieving great things as a result, but because we are becoming the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

    Who agrees with me when I say that as much as we hate to admit it, image has a lot to do with our successes and the way individuals view us, but the way we also view ourselves…?

    In a nutshell, negative psychosocial implications have no place in the lives of individuals with an eagerness to indulge themselves, and that’s the truth.

    If we need some assistance in getting our motivation up and our commitment to ourselves strengthened, I’d love offer you that empowerment at your discretion.

    Together we can accomplish so much.


    Stay Indulgent,

    Peter. =D