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Sporting Life 10K, an empowering experience.

A while ago I began posting about my experience as I trained for my first real run, since highschool anyways. Even though I failed miserably at contributing to that campaign of mine I ended up raising a fair bit of money and running the full 10K. So all-in-all, I’m calling it a win.

The Sporting Life 10K is held in Toronto on Mother’s Day and begins at Yonge and Eglinton, extends down Yonge to Richmond, then heads West to Peter Street, South to Front, and then West to Bathurst before heading South West on Fort York; just to give you an idea. The race is a fundraiser for Camp Oochigeas which sponsors time at summer camp for children misfortuned with cancer, which costs $250.00 CAD a day.

Can you imagine being the parent of one of those children wanting nothing more than to give your child a life, but suffering from financial burden? I can’t. Which is why I raised nearly $400.00 in total, shy of my ambitious $2000.00 goal. My intentions were there but the time and effort needed wasn’t.

While I was training and fundraising I got caught up with work and unfortunately ‘fell off the wagon’. I also got sick with three different problems at once and it set me back even further. I’ve made full recoveries however, so not to worry.

When it came time for the run I felt anxious, nervous and maybe a little scared. I’m a smoker (guilty, but working on it) and have minimal experience with running besides Cross Country in elementary school. My initial thoughts were ultimately failure.

But when the sound went to give us our start I threw my ear buds in and felt a wave of exhileration come over me. I started with a jog and picked up pace as I ran South on Yonge Street enjoying the cool yet sunny morning Mother Nature had bestowed us with; taking in the concrete jungle under construction at its’ most quietest of times.

Before I knew it I had made it, 53 minutes later.

Shocking, right?

That’s what I thought too. Even more so I finished in the top 4,000 out of 20,000 people meaning I was in the top 20 percentile, and truly, I have never felt more accomplished.

I succeeded for not only myself but also at providing a day and a half at Camp Oochigeas for a child with cancer. Safely, an extremely empowering experience.

I think one thing I’ll be doing again is participating in another one of the runs held in Toronto this summer, but also getting back into action for the Sporting Life 10K Run next year.

Join me?


The 10K Journey || Days 16-21 


If you follow me on Instagram by any chance (@itspetergrande) then you know that over the last 5 days I have been away in New York City with 70 other KCR’s (Kiehl’s Customer Representatives) from around the world; celebrating the Kiehl’s Legacy Awards. For 5 days we toured, learned and developed together while creating lasting memories that will certainly be cherished forever.

With that being said I barely had any time to run despite my good intentions, and I’m not upset about that either. What I was privileged to experience has only enhanced me as an individual AND employee.

This week I’ll be back with a few posts about some memorable moments from my trip but starting tomorrow, the race to raise $2000.00 to send a child with cancer to camp for a week, is on.

Are you ready to help me get there?

pG. xo 

The 10K Journey || Day 15


It was the final day of the annual Friends & Family sale at Kiehl’s and I won’t joke when I say I was mildly happy. 

It’s been a hectic few days with packing for my trip to NYC next week while working the sale, and then my bestfriends’ Dirty 30. But c’est la vie because that’s life and I’m in it to live it.

I haven’t been able to run since Thursday and it is definitely eating me alive because if there is ONE thing that I am, it is committed. Sometimes the going gets crazy though and it makes sense for us to prioritize rather than over-exert and become under-productive in other areas of our life.

That being said I went home to pack and got ‘er done before getting in a sweet sleep and cuddle with my boy, and puppy; before heading off to NYC in the morning for the next 5 days.

I’m taking this 10K Journey to the USA with me.


The 10K Journey || Day 14


I may or may not have beeen slightly hungover, and I swear I drank low-cal/sugarless drinks. So much for that!

I’ll keep it short because the story for the day goes like this, work and sleep.

Just one more shift before my greatly anticipated trip to New York City for the Kiehl’s Legacy Trip.

Oh, and if you have yet to sponsore my run for Camp Oochigeas please do so here:

Be back with a little bit more excitement tomorrow.


The 10K Journey || Day 13

MARCH 31ST/17 

As exhausting as yesterday was today is a new day, although I don’t see myself doing much other than work…

Minus an evening cab ride to Vaughn for my bestfriends’ 30th birthday. Despite being mad tired it was my obligation as buddy and I could not, NOT go. 

When we got the warehouse it was lit and in more ways than one. The lighting was incredible with fixtures that lowered, raised and spun. There was co2 and lasers. I was certainly wide awake then.

I’ll be honest when I say I probably won’t make it for a run over the next few days due to being tiresome and work. However that’s why I’ve mapped out a run thru Central Park in NYC for Monday night.

Check back for that recap, soon.


The 10K Journey || Day 12

MARCH 30TH/17 

The first official day of our sale at work and a new run length to move along my training, means a busy day.

But before I got into work, and after I had worked up a nice hunger from my run earlier; I went to a beautiful lunch with a friend.

The Nordstrom at the Toronto Eaton Centre has a restaurant called Bar Verde on its top floor that overlooks the shopping centre, and it’s beautiful. So that’s where we went.

We started with a shared portion of the Chicken Tacos, which were absolutely to die for. Then I followed that with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich that literally blew my mind. I was satisfied.

So if I may suggest, get your hungry self to Bar Verde for a delectible lunch and/or dinner treat.

Happy almost TGIF,


The 10K Journey || Day 11

MARCH 29TH/17 

The first day of a very long few. Tomorrow begins the annual Friends & Family Sale at work. Which is great anyways because I get to talk about my favourite products to even more folk than usual. But it does mean a few tiresome days…

This all before my 5-day trip to NYC next week where I’ll be spending some time with our head offices, for the Legacy Trip. Check back with me on Monday for more on that!

So far I’ve mapped out an evening jog, followed by a meditation in Central Park as well as an evening on Broadway for Monday when some of us are slated to arrive.

Just need to make it through the next few days first, almost there.


The 10K Journey || Day 10


It was another mild but still slightly crisp day in Torontos’ downtown core, which made it another great day for Day 6 of my 10K training. Just incase you’re tuning in to #The10KJourney now, I’m out here raising money to sponsor a child with cancer and their right to a week at camp as a kid. 

Here’s a link incase you’re feeling generous today, $2000 is my ultimate goal and I’d like to send a kid to camp for a FULL week or longer.


It was a super-busy day at work as we were preparing for our annual Friends & Family sale and I had been away from the store for a few days, so it definitely took it out of me.

And to be honest I got so caught up in my day that by the time I had gotten home at 7 pm and thrown myself to our bed, I remembered I committed myself to a training module with a good cause.

Health all around: quitting smoking, running and fundraising for a child with a misfortune.

You’ll be happy to know I forced my behind up and out for a run I went. The sun was setting over the skyline and Queen’s Park was bustling with students from the University of Toronto campus, as well as the never-ending rush hour traffic that extends from 4 pm until the early evening. Sometimed even longer.

It was another successful day, I hope you had a productive one too.


The 10K Journey || Day 9

MARCH 27TH/17 

It’s Spring, hooray, and the weather was absolutely stunning in Toronto today. 15 degrees celcius had the entire city out in t-shirts and/or sweaters and it was profoundly refreshing.

This means that runs will be that much more enjoyable, social life is back on the rise and the city as a whole will jolt back into action; and out of the darkness. Toronto is a really gloomy place in the Winter, no really. I personally believe so anyways.

Myself, Stevie and Crockett took a little journey West of the city to visit my family as it was much needed. I’ve been so busy lately that I feel like I haven’t seen them much and I miss them.

Needless to say it was a splendid day and it started the week off on a great note.

That being said it’s run number 6 tomorrow, I’m excited to begin week 3 and push myself even harder.



The 10K Journey || Day 8

MARCH 26TH/17 

Run number 5, the distance is getting slightly longer and although not difficult per say; my body is definitely beginning to feel the burn. As gross as it is my lungs are clearing out all the crap that I’ve injested over the last 8 years, and it’s my cross to bare.

This mornings’ run was a little different. Instead of doing my routine rounds at Queen’s Park I ventured down Bay Street and across Gerrard to Allan Gardens, down Carlton Street to Church and then headed North. I finished with a lighter pace up Yonge to where I stay. It was adventurous and if you live in Toronto, you know how crisp and fresh the blistering wind is; the one that comes up the Bay Corridor off of Lake Ontario.

At 9 am, I was without a doubt – awoke. 

So if you haven’t helped a child with cancer attend a week at Camp Oochigeas yet, do so here: 


I sincerely appreciate ALL of your support, as do the children afflicted with cancer.