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L’Oréal Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten Charcoal Clay || Week 2 || Day 7 

Alright so we’ve made it this far, officially the 14th day of masking. Crazy, right?

I can’t even imagine my skin without all the benefits of the amazing masks that I’ve just indulged in and continue to. The compliments I’ve received along the way have been many and it just reiterates the power of dedicating time to taking care of our skin.

This brings me to my final mask of The 7 Day Mask Challenge, and it’s one that I’ve used for quite some time now. Funny enough as I took it out to apply it the other night I realized I had enough for one application left, timing it nicely for the final post of my challenge.

And this mask is…

L’Oréal Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten Charcoal Clay Mask

I discovered the L’Oréal Pure-Clay Masks last year when an influencer on Instagram was posting about her experiences with them, and I honestly couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Overall, they’ve certainly left me satisfied and hungry for more.

From the manafacturers:

  • Detoxify and illuminate skin in just 10 minutes,
  • Luxurious experience while potent pure clays and charcoals act like a magnet to clean out pores as well as draw out and capture deep impurities (such as dirt, oil and pollution),
  • Creamy, non-drying formula leaves skin feeling clean, velvety and rebalanced,
  • Addresses dull, tired skin to reveal a purified, even and radiant complexion.

Although everything said above is entirely true, I find the mask itself got a little drying nearer the end of the pot.

I do this mask often for the reason that its a comfortable experience and doesn’t dry out my skin, while purifying it as suggested. However with my recent application (the last one out of the jar) I wasn’t too happy with my skin the following day. I can vouch for the even complexion and purification 100% as that’s how me skin looked and felt, but when applying my makeup the following morning I noticed a few patches which I assume were dehydration.

Now this also could have been my doing as well as I had did an overnight purification mask the previous night, and may have drawn a little too much out of my skin.

Nothing that couldn’t be fixed though, a few pumps of a hydrating serum followed by a refreshing face mist; does the trick well.

I can tell you that the L’Oréal Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten Charcoal Clay Mask is worth the small investment and I would recommend it for a normal to oily skin type, maybe for a dry skin type depending on the sensitivity level. Its definitely a great way to freshen up the skin before a special even or a big day out.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my final recap of The 7 Day Mask Challenge to summarize my overall experience as well as what my all-time favourites are.

Until then…

Keep Radiant,


The 7 Day Mask Challenge || Week One || Day 4

I’m back tonight with my 7 Day Mask Challenge Day 4 post and a great experience to share.

I mentioned last night that I would be doing a Deep Detox mask by Dewytree and that my reason was I wanted to detox my skin mid-mask challenge. It was definitely a wise decision on my choice to avoid any over-nourishing of the skin, which could result in a potential breakout.

And I don’t want that, so I did the…

Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask

I did my usual evening routine to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin, before applying my toner and then the mask. Based off of the retailers description I knew it wouldn’t be a powerful treatment by any means, but that it would serve my skin well with a deep enough conditioning.

Here’s what the retailers have to say about the mask:

  • Purifies skin by absorbing old Keratin and Sebum, and creates smooth and clean skin,
  • Jeju Volcanic Ash components give skin detox and removes blackheads and impurities in pores for tight, toned skin,
  • Tannin components tighten pores to provide silky skin,
  • Black Clean Sheets containing Charcoal purify impurities and deliver active ingredients deep into skin.

So, what do I have to say? Great things…

The mask itself was extremely comfortable and it left me with no excess product anywhere but where I wanted it, my face, and the mask had a great level ease to its’ application. I would say that it lived up to its’ claims of creating softer and smoother skin, as well as I noticed a decrease in a bit of redness around my nose that usually comes from one pore (something small that I can’t seem to shake).

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was check my skin and I was in admiration of its clarity. However if I did have to make a choice between the Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask and the SNP Charcoal Mineral Black Ampoule Mask, it would be the latter.

Would I use it again?

Definitely, but as said above I would probably go for the SNP Charcoal Mineral mask if given an option.

Did it live up to the claims?

For sure, my skin had an emulating clairty to it and was softened as well as smoothed. It was comfortable and continued to feel comfortable throughout the day today.

I would give the Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask a 4/5 for Sheet Masks.

And with that we come to the wrap-up of Day 4 as I venture into Day 5 with anticipation for my use of tonights mask. I’ll be going the route of nourishing tonight with another one of Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze masks, this one featuring Manuka Honey.

I just LOVE Manuka Honey.

Until tomorrow…

Stay Sweet,

pG. =D