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  • The process of overactive Sebacious Glands secreting excess Sebum that leads to the blockage of the Pore,
  • Generally classified as Mild, Moderate or Severe,
  • Present in both males and females of any age but parcticularly affects younger skin during the adolescent years,
  • Usually attributed to stress when present in adults. 


  • Also an Open Comedo,
  • ‘Black dots’ that appear on the face and other areas of the body,
  • A result of Sebum and Keratin Squamae oxidizing in Pore,
  • Related to Acne as a product of overactive Sebacious Glands and higher cell turnover. 


  • Clogged Pore,
  • Either an Open Comedo/Blackhead or a Closed Comedo/Whitehead. 


  • Allowing ourselves the pleasure of something we enjoy,
  • To have something as a ‘special’ pleasure. 

Keratin Squamae 

  • Scales/small pieces of skin that contain Melanin. 


  • Pigment responsible for attributing colour to human skin, hair and eye colour,
  • Produced by Melanocytes,
  • Provides SOME protection from sun and UV/UVA Exposure. 


  • Mix of Keratin Squamae and Sebum. 


  • Some skin conditions are known to reduce the quality of life,
  • Those with skin conditions often feel ashamed and embarassed because of societal pressures,
  • Depression can result. 

Sebacious Gland 

  • Gland in the skin responsible for releasing Sebum into follicle/Pore. 


  • Secrection of Sebacious Glands that is responsible for protecting skin and preserving hair. 


  • Referred to as Closed Comedo,
  • Clogged Pore that creates obscructed opening at skin,
  • Can rupture and cause mild inflamation.

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