British Rose Plumping Masque

Happy Mid-Week Friends!

The other day I popped into The Body Shop to see what is new and exciting, as someone who loves beauty products does. I was intrigued by their new collection of masks and to be more specific, the British Rose Plumping Mask. Even though the choices are many I was caught-up on the idea of using a mask with roses in it.

After speaking to an employee for a little while it was decided that it would be the one I would take home and try, and so I have.

Essentially the mask is a hydrating product with ‘fresh’ rose petals infused, which literally packs a punch when opened for the first time. It definitely smells like a fresh bouquet of roses, no doubt about that! I imagine it’ll calm and soothe as well, but because it’s hydrating I imagine that’s what does the plumping.

So here’s what I did:

  1. Washed my face,
  2. Put on some toner,
  3. Used my mask brush to apply the British Rose Plumping Mask in a thin, even layer,
  4. Allowed the mask to set for 10 minutes,
  5. Washed it off,
  6. Finished with my nightly routine.

I won’t lie when I say the mask tickled, it gave me that itching sensation around the nose and cheek area that I haven’t quite decided if I like yet. I mean it usually happens when I try a new hydrating mask anyways. However the results were kind: my skin was soft, smooth and radiant but also had a slight plumpness to it that it didn’t before. It definitely worked!

My only real issue is with the powerful scent. That’s not usually my cup of tea so it was slightly beyond my comfort zone, but if you’re into the heavy floral scents then you may be a match made in heaven!

So go on then, give it a shot…

Remember to keep hydrated,

pG. =D

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