Shades of Rose 

Happy Sunday friends!

I know I’ve been MIA the last week or so and it has been HELLA busy, which is why I’m so happy to be sitting with Crockett and a coffee this morning while getting back to some writing.

Over the last week or so I’ve released some new content on my Instagram feed that’s new to me, and my followers. I haven’t actually ever focussed on the clothes and accessories I wear but that’s all changing. You see me and my boyfriend are lucky to share a wardrobe (same size errrthanggg) so we have a ridiculous amount of colour laying about here, and it’s time to share!

The first outfit and by far a favourite of mine for numerous reasons is the one below, and I call it Shades of Rose.

Why is it a favourite?

Well besides my evident love for black, partially because I wear it 5 days a week, the bold reds from the roses on the crewneck really complete this for me. It’s simple, it could be worn for a day out with friends in the sun (with a light breeze) or a night out at a music festival; it’s not heavy and has great airflow so there’s no need to worry about getting too hot either.

I also have a thing for silver studs and (p)leather which is why you’ll often see pieces like those incorporated into an outfit of mine. In this outfit I’ve brought in the shoes, earings and backpacks to satisfy those qualities I look for in my daily-wears.

This outfit:

Not too expensive, clean-cut and bold; the way I like it.

So what’s got me hooked on the Matt & Nat backpack you ask? Well, the fact that its a bag made of post-consumer recycled material and resembles leather. It’s healthy, environmentally friendly and an incredible addition to almost any outfit. Not to mention it also has a great way of being able to store ALOT in a small space. They also carry a wider range of products and if black pleather isn’t something you sport often, you might just find something else you like over at

I also have a thing for big shades as I’m sure you’ve noticed and I usually rock my Quay Australia (Vivienne) frames because of how big, and again bold, they are. The UV protection is decent enough for my sensitive eyes and I enjoy that they aren’t entirely reflective either, it also helps major that they are black! So really, what don’t they go with?

I’ve added some links throughout the post incase you want to check some of the pieces out for yourself. Also, this is not sponsored post.

Leave any comments and feedback below.

Stay Fly,

pG. =D

Photos: Michelle Hazell / Hair: Victoria Hazell 

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