L’Oreal’s Colorista and a ‘Superkid’

Hey There Beauts!

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram Stories over the last 7 days you’ll know that I recently partnered on L’Oreal’s Colorista 2017 campaign. That’s right, I went from blonde to neon and guess what, I LOVED it.

I was sent a box of three coloursaquablue and purple. My task was to create a ‘Festival’ inspired look and share it with all of you, which is exactly what I did. The look that was created was The Superkid.

Colorista Aqua
Colorista Blue

Colorista Purple
To get this look we took my already-platinum blonde hair and painted panels of coloured highlights across it. While doing so we made sure to place more of the purple in the back, with blue and aqua paneled lightly in the back as well but heavier near the front of the hair. Essentially it created a metallic, texturized look that resembled the Superkid ice cream we all know so well.

The Superkid

So, why Colorista? There’s a few good reasons…

  1. The formula’s are vegan,
  2. The formula’s are ammonia free,
  3. There is no mixing required,
  4. The colour is semi-permanent and washes out within 4-10 washes.
The Superkid

    Overall I’m amazed at the pigment from this healthy hair colour and also the simple process required to remove the colour using the Colorista Colour Remover, should you want to. I work in a field that sometimes doesn’t allow me to colour my hair so vibrantly, so I opted in for the removal and I have nothing but fantastic things to say. But you should really try for yourself!

    I’d love to know what your thoughts on this look are, and also what colours you yourself have played around with before!

    As always, leave those answers below. 

    Your Colour Your Way

    pG. =D 

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