7 Day Mask Challenge || Week One Recap

First off, my sincerest apologies.

I had originally meant to get to this post last week but as life sometimes has it, I got carried away with other obligations. Like running the Sporting Life 10K Run Toronto on Mothers Day, which will be another blog post on its own very soon.

Essentially I just want to recap my week of Sheet Masks and what my overall results were, as well as my favourites and least favourites from the week. I’ll be keeping it brief as well.

Earlier in the week my skin was in its normal state of habitation with my oil levels at par and slight dehydration, as per usual. So what I really wanted to see was how much glow my skin would have obtained by the end of 7 days of Sheet Masks. If you followed along with my posts throughout the week you’ll know what masks I decided to go with, but incase you didn’t, here’s the link to each day…








By the end of using each mask I noticed a few changes in my skin, that gradually took place throughout the week. For example, there was definitely an increase in the warmth of my skin tone and it’s overall “dewy” look near the middle to end of the day. The texture was smooth and my skin was softened, but there was one or two concerns I began to draw near Day 5.

I noticed a few small red bumps begin forming on my skin, a small breakout I imagine, and they didn’t turn into a whitehead but were enough to leave me feeling uncomfortable. This can 100% be attributed to the over-nourishment of my skin with all the Essence from the Sheet Masks.

If you can recall when I first began The 7 Day Mask Challenges I had mentioned the difference between Sheet Masks and Professional Masks and one of the key ones being that Sheet Masks are more of a moisturizing/ nourishing treatment; whereas Professional Masks can be targeted treatments with tremendous results and are better for deeper cleanses as well. It only makes sense that my normal-oily skin type would react slightly off to all the moisture it was receiving from so all the masking.

But, what were my favourites?

Well I have to say that I definitely fell out of love with the Etude House brand due to its sheer tendency to run, and the sheets were too thin with little ability to sit well on the skin.

However I DID highly enjoy the quality of the Innisfree Sheet Masks and their ability to sit comfortably without having the Essence run down my neck. Although don’t get me wrong, their masks won’t work any miracles, rather they were a great way to indulge and relax.

The real deal was when I threw on both the SNP and Dewytree deep cleansing masks that not only felt amazing, but produced incredible results. I had mentioned that I received numerous compliments after using the SNP Charcoal Mineral Mask and I swore that I would use it again, again and again.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be back with my 7 Day Mask Challenge Week Two schedule, Professional Masks.

Despite the greater commitment required in terms of time for their usage, I cannot wait to see the results after 7 days straight of these bad boys.

Until Tomorrow,


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