The 7 Day Challenge || Week One || Day 7

Just about a week ago I started posting daily about my experience with a different Sheet Mask every night, for 7 nights straight. Those 7 days have come and gone and I’m here today with my final post, Day 7 of The 7 Day Mask Challenge. Can you believe it?

I must say that my skin underwent a few mild changes throughout the last week, one or two that may have scared me a little. However it wasn’t really until this morning that I didn’t feel too comfortable with my skin.

… and maybe that’s because of last night’s Sheet Mask, or just a result of over-nourishment; either way these little red bumps that have began to appear shall dissappear just as quickly.

For now, let’s talk about the mask I did last night…

The Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Pomegranate Mask

Alright so this was another one of those masks that I would see and think to myself, “I’ll try this one next time,” and that was probably with good reason to. I’m not sure if it’s the Pomegranate OR the Firming aspect that excited me, but let’s take a look at what the retailers say to understand this Sheet Mask a little better.

Retailers Description:

  • Get firm and radiant skin with the Pomegranate It’s Real Squeeze Mask,
  • Pomegranate also known as the ‘Kings Fruit’, helps your skin become more radiant,
  • The Jeju Green Complex consists of Green Tea, Tangerine, Cactus, Camellia Leaves and Orchids to keep your skin healthy,
  • With its high water-retention capability, this triple-layered sheet fits tightly over the skin and helps it stay hydrated for an extended period.

I went about removing my makeup as per usual and then followed with my second cleanse, also the usual.  I then toned my skin and sat comfortably in bed with the mask on for 15 minutes while watching the final episode of Riverdale…

… which by the way, Holy Hannah.

While the mask sat and took action on my face I felt it slightly tighten at moments, and I’m going to go ahead and pin that to the triple-layered sheet that fits tightly over the skin. In terms of my overall Radiance, once I peeled off the mask I noticed no drastic change. Then again we know from my previous experience that Etude House and Innisfree masks are really more for indulging, opposed to being heavily targeted treatments.

Above all, a relaxing 15 minutes with nothing severely gained or lost; except some additional insights into Sheet Masks and what my new found preferences are.

Is this mask worth trying?

It’s certainly worth a shot if you’re bored of the usual and are in the need of a decent change; so go ahead, change should be welcome at least occasionally.

Was it results oriented?

Not in my personal opinion, again it was more of an indulgence than a heavily targeted treatment.

Overall I give the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Pomegranate Mask a 2/5 starts in its category.

Do I ever love Sheet Masks after this…

I’m going to be back in the next few days with my overall recap of my skins’ end result and my ultimate experience during the last 7 days. Then I’ll be back early next week with the start of Week Two of The 7 Day Mask Challenges, Professional Masks.

For now, as I always say…

Keep Adventuring,

pG. =D

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