Why I LOVE Thank You Toronto so Much.

Yes it’s true, I have a deep and undying love for the Toronto brand, Thank You Toronto.

About two or so years ago I was introduced to the brand at the closing of Guvernment Entertainment Complex when Deadmau5 played us a special set. Fact, I was a club kid for a while.

Two of my favourite DJ’s and Resident DJ’s of Guvernment, Manzone & Strong, were wearing hats with Thank You Toronto enscribed on the front; as a hat enthusiast I was in love at a first glance. I later went on to do some more research about the hats I had seen and I was eager to get my hands on my after browsing www.thankyoutoronto.com.

The brand started as merely an Instagram account with some awesome photos of Toronto, giving exposure to local photographers. As the Instagram account grew, founder Neil Wong decided it was time to release a product paying homage to the city.

And so, the hats were born…

Now besides Manzone & Strong wearing the Thank You Toronto hat there’s been a few other celebrities who have supported the brand too, like actor Jon Paul ‘Piques’ and the DJ Hardwell. Even some local sportstars like Kevin Pillar and Roberto Osuna of the Toronto Blue Jays have shown their appreciation; and maybe that’s beacause Thank You Toronto has great philanthropy attached to its business on top of retailing top-notch merchandise.
Each item purchased from www.thankyoutoronto.com provides a meal for a person in need.

How cool is that? I get an awesome hat that I’ll never stop wearing until my dog chews to bits…


… and a person in need gets fed a meal. It shouldn’t surprise you now knowing that, that Thank You Toronto has a large following of about 60K on Instagram and it continues to grow.


There’s so much to be impressed with by the brand, even the list of items they retail has grown quite beautifully too.

Here’s a few of the things you can purchase on http://www.thankyoutoronto.com:

  • Socks,
  • Hats,
  • TShirts & Tanks,
  • Bags,
  • Accessories.

Now you may understand why you’ll catch me wearing one of my few Thank You Toronto hats so frequently or even why I talk about the brand so much. The merchandise, kindness and overall growth of Thank You Toronto makes it admirable for eons to come.

Let me know what your thoughts on Thank You Toronto are, whether this is your first introduction or you’re already in the loop…

Remember it’s alway easier to take than give,


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