The 7 Day Mask Challenge || Week One || Day 1

Yesterday I decided to challenge myself, and you… fact.

To spice things up a little before heading into Summer I thought it would be fun to do one week straight of Sheet Masks followed by a week straight of Professional Masks. Can my skin take it? Absolutely, and after just my first Sheet Mask last usage I already received such flattering comments on the state of my skin.

So, which mask was it that I used?

SNP – Charcoal Mineral Black Ampoule Mask

When I got in from the M Brand Shop I washed my face with my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser and followed with the Kiehl’s Clarity-Activating Toner, before settling down to throw on the mask.

Retailer Description:

  • Contains 1000mg of Mineral Water to supply concentrated water for soft skin,
  • 12.5mg of Charcoal Powder that attaches to wastes and sebum for clean, clear and translucent skin,
  • Maintains oil and moisture balance for the prevention of enlarged pores,
  • Porous structure of Charcoal clarifies to reveal smooth skin,
  • Cooling sensation helps tighten pores,
  • Black sheet contains 30% Charcoal,
  • Paraben and Silicon free.

I sat and watched an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked while the SNP mask took course on my skin. Throughout the 15 minutes, that’s how long I usually leave a Sheet Mask on for, I felt a small bit of warmth, tingling and minimal itching; nothing to worry about, signs of the product working, no doubt. The mask itself was very refreshing and felt almost nourishing at the same time, which is strange for a pore tightening mask. However I suppose the experience lives up to the claims after all!

I took the mask off and pat-dry my skin for fast absorption of the remaining product and then proceeded with the remainder of my nightly routine.

When I looked in the mirror this morning I definitely noticed much smoother, more radiant skin that my makeup just LOVED. I got so many compliments on my skin that it convinced me to purchase a full pack of the SNP Charcoal Mineral Black Ampoule Mask at some point when I get a chance.

I give it 5/5 stars, for Sheet Masks.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my second Sheet Mask of The 7 Day Mask Challenge.

Be right back,


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