Sheet Masks vs. Professional Masks || What’s the Difference Anyways?

Well despite the obvious peeling off versus washing off, there are a few things that both types of masks can and can’t do in comparison to eachother. There’s certainly types of skin that can benefit from both forms of masking but there are also skin types that may find one type of masking more appropriate over the other. In order to understand the similarities and differences a little better, let’s break down some of the key points.

Firstly, both types of masks are capable of offering benefits like the ones below:

  • Hydrating,
  • Brightening,
  • Pore Minimizing,
  • Tightening & Firming,
  • Soothing.

As we can see there are many similarities in the benefits that can be found in both types of masks, pending on which you chose to use. Although on the contrary, let’s dive into what the primary differences are between both types of masks.

Sheet Masks differ in ways such as:

  • The application is seemless in the sense that it requires the application of a single sheet with designated cut-outs for the eyes, nose and lips,
  • Sheet Masks are a one-time use and may not be as cost effective as Professional Masks,
  • These masks are not designed for Acne-Prone or Oily Skin for the reason that they could increase the presence of bacteria on the skin,
  • They are not meant for every day use,
  • Sheet Masks cannot be multi-masked due to their serum-based nature.

Professional Masks differ in ways like:

  • The application is a more tedious process and may require an applicator as well as some additional time,
  • The mask requires time to be washed off and some may be a little more challenging to remove,
  • Professional Masks have the ability to be deeper cleansing due to their formulations and ability to pull dirt and debris from the actual pore (making them more suitable for an Acne-Prone or Oily Skin type),
  • Professional Masks may also be kept on overnight if allowed, providing optimal hydration from masks offering this benefit,
  • These masks have the ability to be used more than once,
  • These types of masks can be used daily if advised by a professional,
  • Professional Masks make great tools when multi-masking.

So what’s the bottom line here?

That depends on you, your skin type AND concerns.

I preach it regularly, as many of us do, the landscape of our skin is all so varied and different because of things like genetics and even where we live. However it seems as though Professional Masks are can be manafactured to suit all/any skin types, whereas Sheet Masks may be more beneficial to a niche customer.

… but there’s nothing wrong with giving both a try.

To test the waters I’m going to propose a challenge for myself, the 7 Day Mask Challenges.

Week One will consist of a week of Sheet Masks and Week Two will consist of a week of Professional Masks.

I want YOU to take the challenge with me and tell me,

  1. What masks will you use?
  2. How do you plan to schedule your usage?
  3. Which masks did you find benefited your skin more? and Why?

Comment below or email your answers to…

I’ll be back shortly with my starting post and what my 7 Sheet Masks I’ll be using will be, once I’ve visited my local M Brand Shop and carefully thought this out.

Consider yourself challenged,


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