F+O || Style Plan || Round One 

I recently tossed-up a blog about Style Plan, the new service that Frank and Oak launched not too long ago; and how incredible personalized and innovative it truly is. I even shared a link that saves you $30.00 CAD from the $89.00 CAD monthly fee, for your first month, a link that Frank and Oak generously provided me with. If you haven’t done-so yet here’s a few reasons why you should sign up for, or at least consider, Style Plan:

  1. Automatic billing means that the $89.00 CAD monthly fee is automatically charged and your purchasing tokens replenished with no work required (with the option to pause or cancel the service at any time),
  2. Style recommendations are made and each shopping experience is personalized to each individual who shops through Style Plan,
  3. Your order is shipped right your doorstep without the hastle of needing to physically visit a store (returns can be easily and freely made at the courtesy of Frank and Oak).

I personally just received my first order last week and I promised to curate a post about my thoughts on my pieces. Using the 5 tokens alotted to me within my first month I ordered 3 shirts that I fell absolutely in love with at first sight. Not only do they visually suit my style preferences, but now that I’ve had the chance to try them on I’m head over heels.

Let’s go through each shirt together and take a look at how they fit into my wardrobe, shall we?

The Melon-Print Poplin Cotton Shirt

I’m truly a sucker for any fun and/or cute print so when I set my eyes on this snazzy gold in the form of cotton, I didn’t resist. I’m an admirer of the quality of cotton that was used to manafacture the shirt, it’s extremely comfy and sits well on my slender build. The long sleeves also make it great for a summers’ evening soirée or even just a night out on the town with some friends.

I’d pair this with a lightly washed out denim pant in black or grey, or even with a fresh khaki. If I do wear shorts with my Mellon-Print I’ll be going with a white or navy blue that’s been cut at around the knees or slightly higher, and most likely incorporating a black or brown belt depending on my shoe choice (most likely a white or brown.

The Crewneck Pocket T-Shirt in Black 

Let’s be real, even though it’s a simple design it’s true that every wardrobe benefits from a Crewneck. Not only is it a 100% Cotton make but the addition of the pocket in the design had me in favour of this piece, opposed to something similar that you may find at a store like H&M. I do love the way that the sleeves fall off my shoulders in comparison to other Crewnecks that either fit too small or too large, with no in-between.

You would catch me wearing this shirt to work for a more casual look. You may also see me pairing this Crewneck as an undershirt with a red, green or plaid long-sleeve shirt.

The best thing about black is that it pairs seemlessly with almost any other colour; and I see a lot of denim in this specific Crewnecks’ future.

The Jasper Oxford Short-Sleeve Shirt in Light Blue

Back in January when I took my first dive into Frank and Oak I ordered the Jasper Oxford Shirt in White and I haven’t been able to stop wearing it. It’s a shirt that I’ve grown to love so when I discovered the Short-Sleeve in Light Blue, I hit the select button and added it to my basket instantly.

My favourite pairing for this piece is with a dark denim and a black boot, and leaving the shirt either fully OR partly untucked. I also see this fitting well with a white, navy-blue or khaki short throughout the summer; tucked in with a black or brown belt.

I greatly enjoy the way the Jasper Oxford Short-Sleeve Shirt in Light Blue fits, especially at the shoulders.

Needless to say the Summer wardrobe that I anticipated is falling into place rather nicely, thanks to the innovations and stylings of Frank and Oak. The quality, affordability and their commitment to the consistently perfect customer experience makes Frank and Oak my go-to store for any apparel.

Soon enough I’ll be ordering my second stock from Style Plan, and I’ll be back shortly after receiving it to brag about another great Frank and Oak haul.

Here’s a link to the $30.00 CAD off of your FIRST MONTH, special invite. Incase I peaked your interest…


Stay Swaggin’,

Peter. =D 

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