Refine and Relaod || Taking Care on Easter Weekend 

Chocolate, liquor and the gathering of family makes for a great Holiday Weekend at any given point of the year. In fact most of us look forward to getting together with our beloved friends and family members to kick-back and indulge in some of lifes’ treats. With that being said our bodies can be reactive to some of the things that we end up injesting, whether that be visibles signs of dehydration from the excessive drinking or bloating from all the sweets ‘n’ treats.

How unflattering… can we all agree?

As we nod our heads in agreement I want to point out that I too indulge on Holiday Weekends, especially at Easter, and while doing so make sure to follow-up with the appropriate post-party routine. This ensures that my skin stays top-notch and yours can too, with the proper tools and time needed.

Today we’re going to focus on how to Refine and Relaod the face; through deep exfoliation and a boost of hydration.

Drinking alcohol is a known cause of dehydration that effects not only the face but the entire body as well. I’ve mentioned before in a video that Rosacea is sometimes also an outcome of the overconsumption of alcohol, although not all the time as there are other causes too. Signs of dehydrated skin include dull looking skin, rougher textures and also the appearance of superficial/fine lines (don’t be fooled, they aren’t wrinkles… yet).

Consuming large amounts of sweets ‘n’ treats that are high in sugar is not only an attack on our body’s healthy, but also the quality of our skin. When we injest highly-glycemic foods we are creating a surge in our insulin levels which creates inflammation in the skin. This inflammation produces enzymes that break down Collagen and Elastin, responsible for maintaining our skins’ suppleness and firmness. What happens next is the appearance of wrinkles as well as saggy-looking skin; and then it all goes down hill from there. Or so they say.

I don’t mean to scare you into corner and I’m not here to convince you to drop the goodies for good. Rather let’s take a look at a simple process that we can use to help Refine and Reload the skin after a weekend of the good stuff.

I would suggest the following process during the middle of our long weekend festivities or at the end, and here’s what we’re going to need: 

  1. Cleanser,
  2. Toner,
  3. Super-refined exfoliator,
  4. Hydrating masque (I suggest an overnight masque),
  5. Masque brush (opptional).

I prefer to use the following products when executing the Refine and Reload process:

Here’s what we’re going to do now that we’re prepared (try to execute the process 30-60 minutes before bed for ample drying time):

  1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly,
  2. Exfoliate with your preferred exfoliator (and be sure to apply the correct amount of pressure for a realistic duration of time, or as directed by the manafacturer or the product),
  3. Tone your skin before applying the masque,
  4. With your Masque Applicator apppy a generous amount of the Hydrating Masque that you have chosen to use.
  5. Allow the masque to dry and dab off the excess.

Now take three deep breaths and feel the appreciation for yourself flow through you.

If using a sleeping masque then it us definitely in our best interest to sleep with it on ALL NIGHT and go about your usual AM routine like you normally would, the following morning. The results after Refining and Reloading should be smoother, softer, radiant and plump skin that has successfully combatted the effects of an indulgent weekend.

Give yourself a pat on the back, good work has been done here today.

This process can be used time and time again to defend against the elements that are either a result of over-indulging, or even natural causes. It is one of my go-to processes that I commit to at least once a week regularly, if not twice.

Keep in mind that using products that contain Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronic Acid, such as the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask, will flood the skin with the hydration when most appropriate. This is truly another great slowing mechanism to assist in the slowing of the process of aging, in my opinion anyways.

Let me know what you think of the Refine and Reload process, and how it has helped change YOUR SKIN for the bettet.

Keep Hydrated,


* The views and opinions expressed above are a result of both personal preference as well as experience, and in no way belong to any relatable Third Party. 

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