$30 Off || Frank + Oak Launches New Service || Style Plan 

This past January I was extremely pleased when Frank and Oak reached out to me with a feature for their campaign at the time, First Time. It was one of my first real interactions with the brand besides an occassional visit to their store on Queen Street West in Toronto, and it was a delightful one nonetheless. After some chatting I was gifted a beautiful Jasper Oxford Shirt in White and a pair of Newport Chinos in Dress Blue that I still wear often, even as we get into April. At the time they were offering newcomers to the brand a new outfit for a crazy low price of $59.00.

To those of us who enjoy shopping (raises hand), it was a steal.

Frank and Oak, with its’ origins in Montreal, are dedicated to affordable luxury with men and their increasing need to develop their self-image in mind. Don’t get me wrong they also carry collections dedicated to their female shoppers as well. The quality of their apparel paired with their outstanding level of service and customer care as well as inovation, makes for a brand worthy of buying from.

With their innovative nature the company has now taken their commitment to service a step further, which has enticed the launch of their new service Style Plan.

The cost of this new service? Only $89.00 that gets billed monthly at your discretion, and this secures you up to 4 pieces of clothing a month that suit your style and that get delivered to your doorstep; for an incredibly low price plus free shipping.

Essentially Style Plan simplifies the shopping experience for busy people like myself who don’t always make the time to shop apparel; or it allows the shopaholic to maximize on their spending while doing nothing but clicking a few buttons, meaning more focus on another important purchase.

#First World Problems.

Style Plan in a Nutshell:

  • Each month receive 5 tokens,
  • Browse the current collection and make selections with your tokens alotted (unused tokens don’t expire),
  • Confirm order,
  • Products are shipped for free within 1- business days (returns are also free).

Pretty awesome, and seamless. Right? After signing up myself I must say, it is.

As a fan of Frank and Oak I was super excited to be informed about Style Plan and its forward thinking answer to the most common phrase there is, “I don’t have time… to shop.” I just placed my first order and there was three new shirts on my purchase that I’ll definitely be sharing once I unbox: a crew-neck, a short-sleeve dress shirt and a long-sleeve dress shirt.

I’d definitely recommend giving at least ONE MONTH a shot since there’s no obligation to commit to more than one, seeing as how you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. But also because the kind folk at Frank and Oak are allowing me to offer my followers $30.00 OFF OF YOUR FIRST MONTH.

That means your first month of Style Plan for only $59.00.

If you turn away from this I am going to have to call you crazy…

Here’s how you can get hooked up and on the plan like I am:

  1. Head over to STYLE PLAN REGISTRATION (CLICK) to make sure you register with yout $30.00 off of your first month,
  2. Login if you have shopped with Frank and Oak before or create a profile if it’s your first time,
  3. Enter the required personal and billing information before going ahead,
  4. Follow the prompts to help Frank and Oak create your personalized Style Plan,
  5. Use your first 5 tokens to select and fill your first order (additional tokens are available for purchase if needed),
  6. Confirm order and wait for your new wardrobe to arrive in the mail.

    How easy was that…

    Much like myself, now you can sit back and enjoy your freedom as you patiently await your new pieces to arrive. Heck you might even feel an urge post or share with others about how simple and convinient that was, yes?

    I can’t wait to receive my three shirts in the mail and try them on as the heat begins to pick up for once and for all; with that being said check back for my post next week after I’ve unboxed my new Frank and Oak faves.

    Ahh (deep breath). Can you feel it? Spring is finally here.

    I’d also be curious to know about your experience signing up for Style Plan, to those of you who do. So either leave a comment or shoot me an email with your thoughts on Frank and Oak’s new service.

    Email: itspetergrande@gmail.com

    Style Wisely,


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