The 10K Journey || Day 10


It was another mild but still slightly crisp day in Torontos’ downtown core, which made it another great day for Day 6 of my 10K training. Just incase you’re tuning in to #The10KJourney now, I’m out here raising money to sponsor a child with cancer and their right to a week at camp as a kid. 

Here’s a link incase you’re feeling generous today, $2000 is my ultimate goal and I’d like to send a kid to camp for a FULL week or longer.


It was a super-busy day at work as we were preparing for our annual Friends & Family sale and I had been away from the store for a few days, so it definitely took it out of me.

And to be honest I got so caught up in my day that by the time I had gotten home at 7 pm and thrown myself to our bed, I remembered I committed myself to a training module with a good cause.

Health all around: quitting smoking, running and fundraising for a child with a misfortune.

You’ll be happy to know I forced my behind up and out for a run I went. The sun was setting over the skyline and Queen’s Park was bustling with students from the University of Toronto campus, as well as the never-ending rush hour traffic that extends from 4 pm until the early evening. Sometimed even longer.

It was another successful day, I hope you had a productive one too.


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