The 10K Journey || Day 9

MARCH 27TH/17 

It’s Spring, hooray, and the weather was absolutely stunning in Toronto today. 15 degrees celcius had the entire city out in t-shirts and/or sweaters and it was profoundly refreshing.

This means that runs will be that much more enjoyable, social life is back on the rise and the city as a whole will jolt back into action; and out of the darkness. Toronto is a really gloomy place in the Winter, no really. I personally believe so anyways.

Myself, Stevie and Crockett took a little journey West of the city to visit my family as it was much needed. I’ve been so busy lately that I feel like I haven’t seen them much and I miss them.

Needless to say it was a splendid day and it started the week off on a great note.

That being said it’s run number 6 tomorrow, I’m excited to begin week 3 and push myself even harder.



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