The 10K Journey || Day 5


Today I hit Queen’s Park, downtown Toronto, for my 3rd run of the 10 week training program I’ve started. Which I’m going to cramp into 7 and a half weeks, by the way.

Quite the undertaking for myself but I figure that as a former Cross Country runner, I should be able to jump back into this no problem at all. It definitely isn’t my first time at the rodeo. 

One thing I do love about running though is getting to spend that 30 minutes, enjoying the not-so-fresh air, with my year and a half year old puppy. He’s a Dachshund/ Jack Russell mix that was resecued from the Toronto Humane Society. He’s precious.

Who else is looking forward to tomorrow? Not for any parcticular reason, but just because it’s great to be alive.



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