The 10K Journey || Day 4 

MARCH 21ST/17 

Day 4 was a stretch. It was a busy day at a work seminar, and don’t get me wrong it was a ton of fun; work isn’t really work for me, its almost a past time.

In 13 days I’ll be off to New York City for the Kiehl’s Legacy Trip, to spend a few days with our Home Office in NYC as well as other staff from around the world. I suppose that’s one of many thoughts thumping through my mind, assisting me in the struggle of letting go of a horrible habbit. April 3rd could not come any sooner!

On a more present note it was nice to see another pledge towards my Sporting Life 10K Run today, another from oversees in Scotland.

Big thanks to my buddy Dylan, Aunt Moire and friend Aimee for being a part of the cause thus far.

Keep ’em comin’, only $1900 more to go!



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