Keeping Passionate 

Generation Y, X or even the Millenials are all too often faced with the same question regardless of what generation we belong to; comfort or happiness? Or so this is what we’re taught when searching for meaning and/ or purpose in our lives. Why though? We could start by taking a look at the perpetuated idea stating that what brings us comfort won’t make us happy, and what keeps us happy won’t often bring us comfort.

Matcha Green Tea Latte, Aroma Espresso Bar

Example #1, a man/ woman becomes a Lawyer because they come from a family of them and are expected to maintain the name and reputation, as well as the fortune. Little does their family know that they have interests elsewhere in Film Production.

Example #2, a devoted artist graduates post-secondary schooling with a degree in Fine arts and finds that they have all the time in the world to paint. However this person doesn’t necessarily have the best comfort in life. 

Society often makes it difficult to have the best of both worlds so we tend to settle under the belief that we can’t have it all. However that is a phony myth and shouldn’t be manifested as being the case for everyone, because each and every one of us has the power and capability within us to create our own future; and to ensure that it’s one that we’re genuinely going to be satisfied with.

Why not change up the landscape and prevent falling victim?

What we tend to fear is that all of this may take some dedicated time and focus in order to do so, and that is certainly true. Surely I’m not the first and won’t be the last to say that absolutely NOTHING comes easy. 

Well then, let’s get to work…

Before determining what more it is that we need from life we’re first going to need to take the time to realize what’s missing. Whether we are the Lawyer with interests beyond our field or the Painter in need of greater finances, figuring out what aspect of excitement or necessity is missing from our life will start us on a path that becomes easier to follow with time.

Take me as an example.

I have a job that I love because I found ways of creating my happinness at work through inspiring myself not only when working but also at home. I have also found ways to extend my role beyond being just another sales associate. I realized over time that much of the gratification I experience is a product of teaching individuals to indulge in themselves from an honest and genuine place on my end; and I’ve not only incorporated this into my routine at work but also in what I do outside of work. Phenomenal customer service and genuine interactions with an indulgent ending is a forté of mine.

What did I do to incoporate my passions into my work life AND personal life? Well mot only do I extend my guidance to the customers I serve but I also started blogging, sharing stories, as well as product knowledge and favourites from an unbiased place of insight.

And this his is what keeps me happy.

Once we’ve been able to determine what exactly it is that our life is in need of, whether that be of comfort or of happiness, it becomes time to find a means of introducing the concept and/ or idea to our life. This means that we need to either take up a solo/ group hobby after work OR start a position at a new job/ work from home, aside from our primary passion. 

We fear that all of this is going to compromise our use of time and generate a lack of it. Let me ask this though, if we aren’t investing our time into what makes us happy and what get’s us by, then what are we actually doing?

Sure, what we’re about to take on may consist of using a great deal of our time, but don’t mistake it for time wasted.

If it’s a hobby that we end up taking on, it isn’t all-too difficult to set aside an hour or two a day to make time for it. On the contrary, if it ends up being a job that we need it may require up-to 5 hours a day 3 times a week. Though maybe it’ll become easier to sleep at night once we’re happier, and that itself would balance out our new use of time.

In a nutshell some of us are optimists and the others pesimists. I find more than often it’s us optimists that are in it for both the happiness and the comfort all at once; because we believe in the possibility. 

** Side note, I highly recommend reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero whenever we’re in need of a kick in the rear. If there’s one thing the book taught me it’s that we should never hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential.**

You are a Badass, Jen Sincero

What brings us comfort won’t always bring us happiness and what brings us happiness won’t always create comfort. The beauty of being us, humans, is the freedom to individuality and the potential to curate a life that brings us homeostasis and a lifetime of joy.

So get up, get motivated and get started.

Life is too short to live under someone elses’ governance.

Stay Identified,

Peter. =D 

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