VIDEO | L’Oréal Charcoal Pure-Clay Masque 

I’m a lover of masques and that I just can’t deny. There’s so many out there on the market to try that address many different needs and concerns, meaning that there is most certainly something out there for everyone. Trial and error is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

I came accross a few new masques released by L’Oréal last year, with a pure form of clay being the active ingredient: one for pore minimizing, one to target brightening and exfoliating as well as another that purifies. You may have seen the Pure-Clay collection on a shelf at your nearest drug store, colour-coated black, red and green. I’ve tried them all however the Pure-Clay charcoal masque for pore minimizing is definitely a favourite of mine.

I use it twice a week and this is how:

As I state the results are smoother skin and tighter pores, overall an increase in the skins’ clarity. Overtime I also find that it has reduced visible blackheads in my nose area and forehead as well as has also  brought a greater balance to the amount of oil my sebacious glands produce; slowly minimizing it.


I know there’s so many more clay/ charcoal masques out there so I’d love to hear what you find works for you; I’m always on the hunt for something new.

Keep those pores in check,

Peter. =D 

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